G 320P | G320PS Auto Cutter Grinder



The profile cutter grinder is designed for grinding knife profile and sharpening applications. Especially ideal for grinding profile-cutters used for cutting decoration strips.
Allows for grinding a cutterhead with 2, 4, 6, 8 or more knives. The ground cutterhead can be directly mounted on the machine without need of further adjustment of knives.
SPEED CHANGE CONTROL: Available to equip with speed control for adjusting grinding wheel speed suitable for various types of knives.
ROTARY TYPE TRACING ROD ASSEMBLY: Choice of various shapes of tracing rod to suit complicated knife profiles.
CURVE SHAPED SLIDE: When changing grinding angle, it is not necessary to dress the grinding wheel to return to dressing reference and adjust gap of tool rest. When the grinding wheel diameter decreases, it is convenient to adjust the gap of tool rest.
GRINDING WHEEL DRESSER: Provide fast dressing of grinding wheel to a shape complying with that of the tracing rod. Also suitable for correcting wear of the grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel diameter decreases, no additional calibration is required.
GRINDING WHEEL CLAMP AND MICROMETRIC ADJUSTMENT OF WHEEL ARBOR: Provide fast adjustment of grinding wheel to keep it at the original dressing position.
TWO-DIRECTION POSITIONING OF ARBOR: This function permits fast positioning when mounting cutterhead on the arbor. This is combined with the positioning of template support to eliminate further calibration.
TILTING GRINDING RESET DEVICE: It allows for accurate and fast positioning after tilting grinding has been performed.
COOLING SYSTEM: It prevents knife from burning during grinding. Also suitable for removing powder and chips during grinding.
WASHING DEVICE: Provides for convenient cleaning on grinding table.
The machine is convenient to be lifted or moved by a forklift.


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