Platinum Moulder



Standard Machines 4 – 8 Heads (Special Machines from 1 to 8 Heads)
230, 260, 300 or 330mm (9“, 10.2”, 12” or 13”) Wide x 150, 200 or 250mm (6”, 8” or 10”)Thick
1-piece, Cast Iron Machine Frame is specially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity as standard – wonderful for vibration
absorption (for Std. Configuration machines)
Table Surfaces, Chip Breakers, Pressure plates and main guide hard hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance as standard
Feed speeds of up to 30mpm (100fpm) are standard with VFD Drive.
More powered Top & Bottom Feed Rolls then most of our competition
Pneumatic pressure of the feed rollers can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect. Top Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Rolls
each have there own pressure settings. Combination Pressure Gauges & Regulators mounted on the Outside of the enclosure support
Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful machining and easy control.
Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front adjustment controls.
NEW – REC Setworks on Near Side & Top Heads – and NEW SmartSet Touch Screen Control, with Ball Screw/Servo motor Setworks,
Electronic Digital position Readouts with Product Library of Information & History Files for Fastest Head and moulder setups – 99
Pattern Setup Mmemory.
The full safety enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise.


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