Super Thundermac


Built for super-high production requirements, the Super Thundermac series of 4-side moulder can bring your production speed to a new level.

The LEADERMAC Super Thundermac series features 200m/min. feed speed as standard. Higher feed speeds of 250 and 300m/min. are also available. This, combined with a 6000 RPM spindle speed, makes the moulder exceptionally ideal for high speed cutting operations. The entire machine is ruggedly and compactly constructed for extra high stability during high speed operation. In addition, the Super Thundermac is equipped with a user-friendly PLC control combined with touch-sensing for maximum operational convenience.

The Power and Precision for World-class Production Quality
Designed with High Production in Mind

The LEADERMAC 4-side molder is a compact power package that integrates high speed and heavy cutting operations, high accuracy, plus minimum trouble to maximize its impressive cutting capabilities. To ensure outstanding cutting results, the 6,000 rpm high speed spindle is carefully manufactured and tested before assembling. High feed speed up to 80 M/min. is driven by a frequency inverted motor, providing variable speed change. Our objective is to enhance each 4- side molder from LEADERMAC in order to upgrade your throughput and create more profits.


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